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The many traditions I draw on recognize that deep healing requires connection to all layers of our being. Using compassionate inquiry and body/mind centered approaches to healing I integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western and Eastern Herbal Medicine, Yoga, and Holistic Nutrition. These offer prevention, maintenance for healthy people, and treatment of more serious conditions.

When working with clients and students my strong intuition guides a process of deep listening, communication and understanding. When I practice medicine and teach yoga I practice with the understanding that everything is connected; the body, heart, and mind are of equal importance. 


Jennifer Raye


Work with Jennifer Raye One on One — Book an Appointment


Private Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Nutrition Sessions Victoria BC

When working with clients one on one I draw on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and holistic nutrition depending on the health goals of the client. Learn more about these modalities here. Most often our first consultation will involve acupuncture and some herbal, diet and movement suggestions however sessions can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

Initial: $95.00 Follow up: $75.00

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Personal Coaching and Mentoring though Skype or In Person

I support students, clients and teachers in diving deeper into their own self exploration and development and/or in deepening their yoga and meditation practice though ongoing mentorship and coaching.

Space is limited and this work may involve extra reading and some personal reflection between consults. If you are interested please email me with a little information about yourself and why you are seeking mentorship: jennifer@jenniferraye.com

1 hour: $100


Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga helps to unify the mind, body and heart allowing greater states of peace and presence in addition to bringing strength and vitality to our being. Through using physical postures, breath work, and meditation students of all levels can receive powerful benefits from this ancient practice. I often suggest movement and meditation practices during my private work with clients and I offer private one on one or group sessions.

Private customized class for 1 person: 60 min: $100 or 90 min: $120

Please inquire regarding group rates




Drop in Yoga Group Classes

I teach a variety of yoga classes in Victoria BC weaving philosophy into the physical asana (postures). I encourage students who attend drop in classes to consistently attend class and to develop a home practice. A developed practice takes dedication and patience. In my classes I draw from my knowledge as a holistic practitioner as well as my study of a variety of traditions including Yoga Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Theravadin Buddhism. My students appreciate the warm container I provide which allows one to dive more fully into the experience yoga and meditation provides.


Yoga Cleanse Retreats

Join me for a fully guided and supported residential cleansing experience in Costa Rica or Vancouver Island BC.


Workshops and Teacher Training

Throughout the year I offer a variety of workshops and teacher training opportunities. Check out my schedule for more information.

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Online Courses


Calm and Renew

Calm and Renew is a 6 week online training program that gives you the tools you need to find greater health and happiness. With videos and written material it provides everything you need for a fresh start. The program leads you through a cleanse, helps you to start or deepen your yoga practice and provides in depth information related to diet change and the energetics of healing.


Mindful Yin Yoga Online

A full online Mindful Yin Yoga Training released over 2 weeks. Complete with Jennifer Raye’s Mindful Yin Yoga manual, video, audio and written material. Sign up now and receive the training on the release date: June 15th 2015