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When we recognize our healing is connected to mind, body and spirit we open the door for great possibility. The many traditions I draw on recognize that deep healing requires connection to all layers of our being. Using compassionate inquiry and body/mind centered approaches to healing can have profound results.


AcupunctureTraditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The term Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and moxibustion. It is a complete system of medicine that has developed over 2000 years. Through a continuous process of critical thinking, clinical observation and testing Chinese medical doctors created a thorough system of diagnosis and treatment. TCM aims to address the whole person; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.   Initial: $85.00 Follow up: $75.00

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Herbal MedicineHerbal Medicine

The benefits of herbal medicine can be explained using the functions of active plant constituents. A more traditional approach would name certain energetic qualities the plant has or elicits in the body as the cause for healing. I have spent many years developing a deep respect for the healing potential of plants. I had the enormous benefit of mentoring under a Master western herbalist and aromatherapist. This combined with my study of Traditional Chinese Medicines deeply informs my use of herbal remedies. During a consultation I may suggest herbal remedies that will benefit you. While many herbal remedies are very safe the use of herbs at therapeutic doses should always be monitored by a qualified herbalist. Especially if you want to see the most benefit!



Holistic NutritionHolistic Nutrition and Lifestyle

How we eat is the foundation for our lasting health. Nutrition and lifestyle suggestions are incorporated into all treatments. However, in depth diet and lifestyle appointments can also be arranged. Depending on details such as the season, your diagnosis and constitution; certain foods, spices and herbs can help to harmonize the body. A consultation consists of an initial appointment in which you and I discuss your individual diet needs and a detailed follow up package of information and suggestions. Consultation: $120




YogaMindful Movement

The practice of yoga is designed to join the different layers of our being. When we unify the mind, body and heart we allow greater states of peace and presence in addition to bringing strength and vitality to our being. Through using physical postures, breath work, and meditation students of all levels can receive powerful benefits from this ancient practice. I often suggest movement and meditation practices during my private work with clients in addition to my drop in yoga classes and private yoga classes.

Private customized class: 60 min: $100 or 90 min: $120

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JenniferRayePersonal Coaching and Mentoring though skype or in person

I support students, clients and teachers in diving deeper into their own self exploration and development and/or in deepening their yoga and meditation practice though ongoing mentorship and coaching.

Space is limited and this work may involve extra reading and some personal reflection between consults. If you are interested email me at jennifer@jenniferraye.com

1 hour: $100



Check out some of my happy clients:

I originally came for my chronic headaches and now for the most part my headaches have disappeared. After trying many different types of medications and treatments Jenn was the only one who was able to get rid of them. I have more energy and I am losing weight. I would definitely recommend her services. Not only has she helped me with these terrible headaches she is a very caring and compassionate person with a lovely bedside manner. I only wish I would have found her sooner.”

– Lynda Beckett, Victoria, BC

“My main problem was anemia, heavy periods, and fatigue. Since receiving treatments my periods have become noticeably lighter, my iron levels are up, and I have more energy. Jenn doesn’t judge and is easy to talk to. The room is really relaxing and I usually fall asleep during treatments! Overall I feel much better and more centered. I’ve passed Jenn’s cards onto several of my colleagues. Thank you Jenn! I’ve really enjoyed working with you.”

– Jen, Victoria, BC

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