Deep healing requires connection to all layers of our being. Mind, body and heart are of equal importance.

Using compassionate inquiry and body/mind centered approaches I offer prevention, maintenance for healthy people, and treatment of more serious conditions. When working with clients and students my strong intuition guides a process of deep listening, communication and understanding. 


Private Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Nutrition Sessions Victoria BC

When working with clients one on one I draw on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and holistic nutrition depending on the health goals of the client. Learn more about these modalities here. Most often our first consultation will involve acupuncture and some herbal, diet and movement suggestions however sessions can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

Initial: $95.00 Follow up: $80.00

Personal Coaching and Mentoring though Skype or In Person

I support students, clients and teachers in diving deeper into their own self exploration and development and/or in deepening their yoga and meditation practice though ongoing mentorship and coaching.

Space is limited and this work may involve extra reading and some personal reflection between consults. If you are interested please email me with a little information about yourself and why you are seeking mentorship:

1 hour: $100

Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga helps to unify the mind, body and heart allowing greater states of peace and presence in addition to bringing strength and vitality to our being. Through using physical postures, breath work, and meditation students of all levels can receive powerful benefits from this ancient practice. I often suggest movement and meditation practices during my private work with clients and I offer private one on one or group sessions.

Private customized class for 1 person: 60 min: $100 or 90 min: $120

Please inquire regarding group rates

More Client and Student Feedback:

“Before beginning acupuncture with Jenn my only hesitation was the cost. However it's very valuable and I would get acupuncture from her again for any problems I was having. I received acupuncture for the carpal tunnel symptoms in my left wrist. I had one 30 minute session and the pain was immediately gone and never came back. I went straight back to work. Now I can use my body to the fullest extent! I would definitely recommend Jenn’s service. It's effective." - Jesse Brown, Victoria, BC

“After an initial resistance to daily yoga on the retreat, I thoroughly enjoyed and attended every yin yoga sessions offered by Jennifer. I experienced and continue to experience my body to be more supple, firm and healthy as I continue to practice daily. I feel more relaxed and can now practice sitting meditation for longer, thus receiving benefits from both yoga and mediation. I highly recommend Jennifer and her yin yoga sessions...honour your body and mind an go for it! " ~ Bronwen, Cape Town South Africa

"I originally came for my chronic headaches and now for the most part my headaches have disappeared. After trying many different types of medications and treatments Jenn was the only one who was able to get rid of them. I have more energy and I am losing weight. I would definitely recommend her services. Not only has she helped me with these terrible headaches she is a very caring and compassionate person with a lovely bedside manner. I only wish I would have found her sooner." - Lynda Beckett, Victoria, BC

"My main problem was anemia, heavy periods, and fatigue. Since receiving treatments my periods have become noticeably lighter, my iron levels are up, and I have more energy. Jenn doesn't judge and is easy to talk to. The room is really relaxing and I usually fall asleep during treatments! Overall I feel much better and more centered. I've passed Jenn's cards onto several of my colleagues. Thank you Jenn! I've really enjoyed working with you." - Jen, Victoria, BC

"Over the last three years I have received acupuncture treatments from Jen and have thoroughly enjoyed each session. Her passion, empathy and intuition make her great at her profession. This combined with her unique and integrative approach of adding nutritional consultations has equated to a wonderful, beneficial experience for me." - M.B., Victoria, B.C.

After many years of suffering and trying every other possible remedy I began acupuncture with Jennifer for my chronic pollen allergies and headaches. After only a few treatments acupuncture made my headaches and pollen allergy disappear! Jennifer is amazing at healing." - A.B, Victoria, BC

"I had no hesitations booking an appointment with Jenn due to the experience and results my wife had. When I get acupuncture with Jenn I leave feeling better about a lot of things inside and out. My neck feels great and my back is great. I have recommended Jenn's services to my friends." - Simon Winfield, Victoria, BC

"I tried acupuncture because I wanted to enhance and add another layer to my yoga practice. I didn't expect the results to be so immediate and uplifting. Jennifer is a gentle, intuitive and thoughtful practitioner.” - Dava C., Victoria, B.C

" Thank you Jennifer! Visits to you for acupuncture treatments and nutritional guidance have really made a profound difference to my health. Your skilled needling technique and pulse assessments made me feel confident in your care and your gentle lessons gave me the insight to overcome obstacles that were preventing optimal vitality. In addition, your newsletters and video tips have been fantastic in supporting healthy lifestyle choices. I am deeply grateful." ~ Susan, Victoria, BC

"When I heard that daily Yin Yoga practice would be offered at the month-long retreat I was excited but a bit apprehensive too - knee injuries and operations have made me averse to even getting down on the floor; and at 65 I was feeling thoroughly rusty throughout my body. Jennifer’s classes were a revelation. I found the daily practice challenging, but with her sensitive support I began to enjoy them more and more. At the end of the month, I felt wonderful. My hips had become more flexible, and my knees were cheerfully doing all sorts of things unimaginable to me for many years. I thoroughly recommend Jennifer as a Yin Yoga teacher. How I wish she lived in Cape Town! ~ Colleen, Cape Town, South Africa